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Kelsey Nowaczynski Baker is a Canadian painter, educator, entrepreneur and mother. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Baker's work is fed by the rich artistic history of portraiture and the mystery and myth infused world of symbolism. 

The symbols that arise in her work connect deeply to her roles within society and the expression of inner experience. Her art is inspired heavily by the process of actualization witnessed over the past 17 years of working with youth. Her role as both an educator and an artist tie to connection, mental health and the positive processing of trauma.

 Despite painting in between her roles as a mother and teacher she practices a rigorous painting schedule, releasing a new series of work each year since the beginning of Novart Creative Studio in 2016. 


Ever curious and eager to learn new skills  Baker is continuously researching to better understand the human experience. Her naturalistic work unearths the strength and resilience that blossom  from the darkest of places. 



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