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"art helps us grow and evolve in our understanding of ourselves, each other and the world we live in"
~De Botton and Armstrong


Art is for everyone

Art is important. It enriches the human experience via connection and change.  Through the process of viewing art our perceptions of the world shift and expand just like the skills of an artist in creating each work. 

Many see art as a luxury but I would argue it is a necessity. It connects us, builds empathy, understanding and inspires. Art has the incredible capacity to transform our worldview regardless of our social standing. I believe that Art should be accessible to everyone. Art balances us, having access to it wherever we go is amazing! For this reason I think having multiple access points for collecting is important. Artists always need support, and having multiple product lines help our fans to support us in many ways! I think that it is wonderful to see artists promoted through wearables. I love seeing art cases on my students phones and famous works worn by passers by. Its a living gallery that brings art to the streets. I may never own a Kahlo or a Van Gogh however I have many articles of clothing that pay homage to their ideas and love having conversations about the work I am wearing. 

Why buy originals? An original is a time capsule representative of an artists life until the vary moment they applied the last stroke. They are emblematic of history and the emotional geography of its creator. Each work changes us through the very process of its creation. An original is a summative work. An amalgamation of learning, problem-solving and exploration that began the day an artist came into the world. There is a tremendous value in that. Original art projects a vivacity into a space that a slick print cant provide. These works are often more dimensional and shift with the changing light of an environment and thus our connection changes to it with time as well. There are infinite little details in a works topography that we grow to see, some that have always been there and others new experiences in our own lives help create. An original is an investment. One that the patron and artist both benefit from.

Our connection to art is very personal, whatever your motivation or budget may be, it is important to purchase works that we intrinsically connect with and adore. Regardless of its format, surround your self with the warm cocoon of art. Its presence makes our world a whole lot more meaningful. You can find all sorts of awesome items in my shop!

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